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Welcome, we are a Canadian Kennel Club registered keeshond breeder located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Please browse our pages on upcoming litters and available keeshond puppies.  We welcome your feedback, questions and inquiries on getting on our waiting list for a beautiful, healthy keeshond puppy using the form on the "Contact Us" page.

We continue to support Alberta Keeshond Rescue in any way we can.  Unfortunately, we've seen an increase in poorly bred keeshonden, originally purchased from backyard breeder / puppymill situations in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, coming into rescue over the past few months.  These kees are often showing behavioral issues, health problems like hip dysplasia, or other issues.  Most have had multiple owners in a short time period after the cute puppy novelty has worn off.  Thankfully we've had experienced homes step up to rehabilitate, work with and adopt these kees. We are hopeful this is not the beginning of a trend in our area and actively work to educate the public on the importance of health testing, the Keeshond Club of Canada and it's breeders code of ethics. Alberta Keeshond Rescue is an informal group of keeshond owners (current and former).  We recently designed a logo for the group which is now available on clothing and coffee mugs via the Alberta Keeshond Rescue Zazzle Store.  Proceeds will go to help keeshond rescue efforts including vet costs, supplies and food, undertaken by the group in the future.

​​Canadian Kennel Club Registered Keeshond Breeder

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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