About the breed...

​​Canadian Kennel Club Registered Keeshond Breeder

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Keeshond (pronounced kayz-hawnd) is a handsome, medium-sized dog with a luxurious silver-gray and black coat, dramatic markings, elegant carriage, and a richly plumed tail carried over its back. Alert, active and energetic, the Keeshond is a free-spirited multi-purpose dog, a devoted family companion that excels in agility and as a watch dog. Keeshonden are highly regarded for their keen intelligence, love of life, outstanding temperament and sensitivity to people, and also make excellent therapy dogs.  

The Keeshond is a very old breed, and one of the very few which throughout history have always been raised for family companions and watchdogs. The fact that they have not been bred to hunt, kill animals, attack or chase criminals undoubtedly accounts for their gentle, intelligent devotion to their owners as home-loving dogs with a special fondness for children, for which they are renowned.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, they were extensively used as watchdogs on river boats, farms, and barges and were known in Germany as "Wolfspitzen"; in France as "Chiens Loup"; in Italy as "Lupini"; and in Holland as "Keeshonden".